Track of the day- Gemini Club

This is a fantastic indie-electronica band from Chicago who have been recently been opening for bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and A-Trak and have been getting a lot of hype behind their recently released EP Here We Sit, avaliable on their site now. 

This is Sparklers

Hit the Restart, The Station is Back! Also Track of the Day- Screaming Maldini

Welcome to The Station of Stuff, come on in sit down. Don’t put your feet up on the coffee table though, have some manners!

This is where I get to do the thing I like to do most in the world, talk about and share stuff that I like. Be it movies, music, tv shows, books, comics, operas (there will be no opera talk) if it is awesome and I like it then it will get praised and lavished here, on Twitter @thestationofstuff and other platforms that will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Oh yes, I’ve got plans for this.

I’ve had ideas for The Station kicking around my head since I put it on hold back in July and they are going to rock your socks if I do say so myself. However as things new come the old will stay and so lets do a track of the day shall we?

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Track of the day: Wavves Afraid of Heights

This is the title track off their new album, which was out last Monday, and its Wavves at their best. That soft punk, Californian rock sound now with more added Cobain inspired angst that gives it that extra spice to make it special.

Track of the day- Leah Daniels and Ryan Laird Where do I Go

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and being a Star Wars fans I stumbled across this Canadian country track. To be honest I don’t like country music because firstly there is very, very little of it in the UK and when it comes to listening to American country it comes off as “DRINKING AND SHOOTING USA!USA!USA!” so I watched the video not for the music but because of the production team behind the video, which is fantastic. However the song won me over in a big way, its a gentle and soft song with two fantastic singers who mesh well.

Give it a listen, eh? 

Where Do I Go is available on iTunes now.…

Track of the day- fiN Life is Wasted On The Living

Off their album “Life is Wasted on the Living” out on Monday, March 25th this is the title track of fiN’s debut album and I expect to be hearing it on Radio 1 and the like by years end. Its a quality earworm of a tune that holds it own in the crowded waters of the indie rock scene

They are in good company on Monday releasing debut albums with both Peace and Bastille doing the same, come back Monday to read my opinions on the 3.

Badass Bandcamp: The Oh Hellos

Bandcamp is an amazing website where non labeled musicians can sell their wares to the world. And so I want to celebrate and share some kickass music that you most definently should listen to, buy, love and cherish for the rest of your days. And lets start this off with a bang via the Lone Star State and with The Oh Hellos.

The Oh Hellos, otherwise known as siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath, have been making and playing music together since childhood and as you listen to their self titled EP or their album “Through the Deep Dark Valley” you can hear that as well as their amazing talent. Folk rock has had a great surge in popularity the past couple of years thanks to bands like Mumford and Sons and with all the copycats at the moment The Oh Hellos stand head and shoulders above them and in my opinion give Marcus Mumford and co a run for their money. 

If you like Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers, Laura Marling or Band of Horses this band will be right up your alley. Enjoy!